July 4th 2023 Event

The fireworks were flying with our 4th of July celebration. It started with our own Gene Brezeale joining the City of Corona in the 4th of July parade. Gene took his personal Chevrolet custom C-10 and proudly cruised the parade in front of thousands of local companies. At the store, if you were there you were able to mingle and chat with City leaders. City leaders such as Mayor Tony Daddario and former Mayor Jim Steiner. The local Corona fire department and chief also made a presence to support our city officials and owner Shawn Gibson as they put themselves on the pedestal and prepared to be dunked. It was a great day to gain support from the city and the event was amazing, to say the least. Vendors brought goodies for all guests who came, such as shirts, lanyards, sunglasses, and more! We accepted donations to be put back towards benefiting the community by choosing a non-profit foundation.  

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