Mary Alice Dispensary Teams Up With New Vendors

710 Labs Secret
When you think of premiere brands the first that comes to mind is 710 labs. Their hyper-focused on producing the highest quality, cleanest, and most flavorful cannabis on the market is the main reason for their status. If there day to day quality is not enough the 710 exclusive List is the best of the best. When you offer the best of the best you need the best dispensary that supports your quality product. This is why 710 Labs has chosen Mary Alice Dispensary to be  one of their exclusive dispensaries and the one and only Inland Empire dispensary to be the exclusive location for their exclusive drops. The drops are monthly and the product available is accounted for quickly. Jump to to find out more about this exclusive partnership between Mary Alice and 710 Labs.

Jeeter Drops 
We are strong partners with Jeeter, the world's largest pre-roll supplier in the world. We are involved in every new edition strain that is available and every limited edition drop that they do like the Hall of Fame Dwayne Wade co-lab. Jeeter runs great deals for customers and has fun giveaways for our guests.   

420 is one of the largest cannabis holidays of the year and oh boy did we have a great time! Not only was it 4/20 but we also entered the cannabis community with a bang by having our grand opening on this lovely stoner holiday!  We had over 15 vendors who came to celebrate the day with us and our guests, giving our community such a great experience. Our first 200 customers got a free gift, and we were able to offer over 20 different deals to choose from! We love celebrating 420 with our guests and can’t wait to have an even bigger event next year! 


Kanha Partner Tour 

Education is huge for us here at Mary Alice and we take pride in having the most educated staff on our team. We teamed up with a brand called Kanha which manufactures edibles and brought our staff to their facility in Los Angeles to spend the day learning the process. They got to see the edibles being made, the THC being added to the edible, and the R&D, and packaging process. Our team also got to spend some time at their Distribution center and understand how the product ends up at our dispensary. With this knowledge, we are able to pass this along to our customers and help guide them throughout their time while shopping at Mary Alice



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